About The Runner

Hey all! My name is Mary. I went to Rutgers University for undergrad as well as for my masters in Political Science. I traveled all around the country working for politicians seeking national office. I even owned my own consulting firm. However, I eventually realized how much I hated politics and the politicians I worked for. So, I did some research and talked to some people who at some point studied engineering and worked as engineers. It seemed pretty interesting- So, I’m giving this career field a shot. Right now, I’m doing my engineering pre-requisite courses at Camden County College. Gd willing, I’ll get accepted to a 4-year university to finish my engineering degree.





You can never be too old to learn something new 🙂

I am also enlisted in the United States Army. I love everything about my job as a soldier. Being a soldier is also what got me back into running. I ran in high school. But, that all changed when I went to college. I was so emersed in my course work that I simply stopped taking care of myself. The great thing about the military is that it teaches you to take a balanced approach to life. So, I worked hard jumble my military career (taking classes, keeping up with my physical performance), church life, my civilian career, school, family and friends. I’m learning how to get better at this every day.



Randomly chosen to lead the company for morning formation.

I don’t really define myself by the way I eat. I instead try to define myself by my ability to show compassion towards others and how I impact the world around me.  So, I don’t think that being a vegetarian is really a part of my identity (as opposed to being a mother, civilian job and military occupation) … It’s just a life decision. I face certain dietary challenges as a vegetarian, and so I felt it was worth mentioning. I don’t eat meat, fish or any animal bi-product that is derived from the meat or bones of animals. I will, however, consume dairy and egg products. I try to stay away from them when I can though. It makes planning out meals and going out with friends a bit more difficult. But, by and large, I feel much healthier (both mentally and physically) for it. 🙂



Yes… we too need hugs.

I finally met the man of my dreams (Josh)  over the past year, and we had a civil ceremony on  15, 2013. We plan on having the Catholic ceremony on October 14, 2014. Not only do we both have the same weird sense of humor, but we also both love to run. To top it off, he was raised by an Italian mother… which means he knows how to make A-mazing Italian food. My husband, Josh, was a sprinter in high school. So,  instead of running with me, he helps me; stay motivated, stretch, and do additional work-outs. He always encourages me to do my best-and to also make sure that I don’t push myself unnecessarily hard.



One of the scariest and most wonderful days of my life. ❤ (Btw, he’s the sharp looking bloke on the left.)


Then on Valentine’s Day 2014, I gave birth to our daughter Mercy. Besides my husband, she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I will often refer to the day she was born as Operation Mercy, B-Day. She weighed 8.5llbs and was 20.5in long. I was in labor for 24 hours and then had to have an emergency c-section. But, it was al worth it.

{2a6d8fbe-bd74-4a81-97a0-dfafd0207d7b}_1Because her smile lights up my world. ❤

Between being a wife, mother, soldier, and student; I am trying to keep an active life-style. It is hard sometimes, but all we can do is our best-right?



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