Foodie Fridays! On Being a Vegetarian Again & A New Recipe

Going back to the Old Me

About 7 weeks postpartum, my little family has finally found a rhythm. We all wake up around 6-ish and my daughter is asleep by 8:30. By some sheer miracle of Gd, she started sleeping all night and takes 2 naps during the day. So, I decided to go back to being a vegetarian. My in-laws were shocked. Easter is right around the corner, which means two things; 1) I will be missing out on Easter ham. 2)  They can’t put bacon in every side dish. The only way I could really go back to being a vegetarian-was to go cold turkey.

So far, I haven’t been doing too bad… especially considering that we sill stock the freezer with chicken for Josh. I just replaced the chicken I was used to eating with beans. It’s a great low-calorie source of protein and it can go with almost every meal. Since going meat-free, I am starting to slowly feel more and more like my old self. I have more energy, I don’t feel so loaded down, my clothes fit better and I genuinely feel happier.

Weight-loss Progress 

In order to make my fitness goals, I have also been making a serious effort to go to the gym everyday for one hour of cardio, to eat well, and to carefully document everything. I have been using the MyFitness Pall app. to keep track of what I’ve been eating, how much I’ve been working out and where I stand against my goals. I normally wouldn’t talk about my weight with anyone… let alone, the internet-but, in an attempt to be brave and to confront myself head on… I will here. (Yes, I know that was a huge run-on. Sue me.) 

2 Weeks Postpartum: 172 lbs.

1 month Postpartum: 161 lbs.

2 months Postpartum: Goal-151lbs. 

My next weigh-in is tomorrow. I am a bit nervous. I have been working really hard to drop weight and my career in the military relies on this. Regardless, I’m not going to let the number on the scale define me.

Sweet Green’s May Salad

When I lived in D. C. I became completely addicted (literally addicted) to this one particular salad joint off of Capitol Hill. It’s called Sweet Green and their salads are nothing short of epic. I think they have one in Philly, but I just don’t feel like traveling that far for a salad-even one as epic as one from Sweet Green. So, I decided to start making making them at home. They have a salad recipe for every month.

Here’s the recipe for Sweet Green’s May salad.





-Sunflower Seeds



-Champagne Vinaigrette





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