The Watching Creeper

I’ve been slowly-but surely getting back into shape. I made a new rule to not drive to places that are within 2 miles walking distance. Also, I’ve been trying to get into a workout routine and have been making a conscious effort to eat better. So far, it’s bee n paying off. On average, I’ve been dropping about two pounds per week. I’m hoping to keep this up. If I can, it means I can get back to  110bs by my wedding! Needless to say, I’m pretty f-ing motivated!!! 😀

For the past four weeks or so, I’ve been going to the military gym on post during my lunch hour while I was making up all of the days I have missed. The elliptical machine is my new BFF. I have been setting the machine into fat burn mode and will keep going for an hour. A lot of the more “hard core” runners like to hate on the elliptical machine. Quite frankly my dear… I just don’t give a damn. It’s not harsh on your knees and you can burn a lot of calories. So, for anyone that is trying to loose a few pounds, I challenge you to do 20 minutes on the elliptical machine every day… and I promise it will change your life. I love the elliptical machine so much, that I’m breaking one of my own rules by getting a gym membership.

Since I stopped working on post every day, I’ve had to change up my routine to go around my family. The plan for this morning was to wake up, have coffee my husband, get my daughter cleaned and dressed, walk my husband to the train station, and go for a short un with my daughter. Everything went according to plan… until I started to run with Mercy.

Out of nowhere, cars starting honking. I wasn’t running in the street. So, I know I wasn’t in anyone’s way. I figured that perhaps that maybe people were offended by what I was wearing. My outfit was a bit form-fitting (I am still a bit out of shape), and I was perpetrating by wearing an Under Armour top with Puma capris. I told my husband that I had to do the “walk of shame” home because I failed to complete my intended workout, only to be told that the reason people were honking at me, was because they were creepers. 

That was really annoying to hear. I am starting to fear that no matter where I go (whether it be the gym or my own neighborhood)… there will be creepers. They seem to be more prevalent than “walkers” from The Walking Dead... and that’s troublesome to me. This classification of people are what I would like to call The Watching Creeper. They honk/ follow or try to stop women to get their attention from their cars. Others, inappropriately try to get a woman’s attention while in the gym. While others tend to stay in back of the yoga class watching everyone else bend into different poses. They need to be stopped immediately. I should be able to go on a run with my daughter without being treated like a piece of meat. Not only is it annoying… it is incredibly disrespectful. 

I wonder if these guys really think that I am going to stop for them? Do they think that honking at me will make me want to give them my number? Perhaps they think I think about what I am wearing with them in my forethought. If you are a guy that thinks these thoughts … It means that YOU are a creeper. So, do the world a favor and please slap yourself in the face right now. Seriously, slap yourself. Don’t just give yourself a little pat on the cheek… I mean really slap yourself to the point you start feeling the sensation of pain. 

You’re welcome.


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