Operation Mercy, B-Day+16

Mercy is taking a nap and my husband went out to go get some groceries. Which means that I have finally found a bit of time to get in some writing and to finish my coffee 🙂 I am hoping it is quiet enough for me to get through this post. If not, I do plan on trying out the new jogger we got. Josh and I have really only been using the regular stroller when going on family walks. She seems to enjoy walks and by the end is completely knocked out. I told Josh to take his time while outside. And, at first he felt bad. But, I do think that he liked that I said that. Everyone needs some “me time”-Even if that means something as simple as a leisurely drive. Needless to say, I’m excited about trying out the new stroller. 😀

It’s been a little over two weeks since my daughter Mercy was born (Operation Mercy, B-Day+16 to be more precise), and things are looking pretty good. Josh and I brought her in for her two week weigh-in and she is back to her birth weight. I also had a two week appointment. A few days before the appointment, I asked Josh to take a look at the incision site. He saw something white coming out of the one side and redness around the area. Not good. When I went to the doctor, she told me that it was one of my staples that was sticking out. Most of the other staples seemed to have dissolved. This one was just being a bit stubborn. So, she just removed the one staple and the problem was solved. To top it off, I also lost about 30lbs! 😀 As of yesterday, I’m down to 168. This weight has been comprised of Mercy herself, the placenta, amniotic fluid and water weight.

I still have a long way to go, but I know dropping the necessary 40lbs is do-able over a 6-month period. I use the word “necessary” because the Army requires soldiers to maintain a weight standard. If I don’t pass, it could compromise my career in the Army. I really like my job as a Civil affairs Specialist and I had to work pretty hard to get it. So, I would be really upset at myself if I lost my job. I feel like my fitness journey is starting all over again from the very beginning. It’s ok though. 🙂 I’m pretty optimistic.

I have been trying to go out walking every day. When I got up the other morning from sitting down for a while, I felt stiff from not stretching. Jeeze, what a rookie mistake! My husband kindly reminded me of how how I went from not working out at all to walking miles every day. I didn’t consider this because I always felt as though I have been going at a snail’s pace. When I came home from my walk yesterday, I dusted off the old yoga mat and did some light stretching.

During this walk, I thought about what I may have to do in order to drop weight and pick up muscle in a healthy way.

-Drink at least 2.5 bottles of water = 8 cups

-Eat at least 3 meals = 1,500 Daily Caloric Intake

-Add 10% to my weekly walking milage, until the Dr. said that this is totally fine. (For this first week, I have started to walk 2 miles every day).

Lets see how this goes.


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