Being Sidelined = Worst Feeling Everrrr

For anyone that has ever played on a sports team, you understand the sucky feeling that comes with being sidelined for an injury. You feel powerless and a part of you knows that you just won’t be the same after you are able to come off the bench. And that is how I have been feeling. So, be prepared for a bit of a rant.

A few weeks ago, when the first good snow storm hit South Jersey; my husband’s office was closed. It was great. We got to sleep in, I made us pancakes and we went outside and played in the snow. That last bit was probably not the best thing for someone to do who is 8 months pregnant. The second we walked outside, I just started running through the fluffy write snow. Josh and I made snow angels and walked around the park across the street.

I didn’t feel any discomfort until we started walking back home. I thought I was experiencing some soreness because I haven’t gone running in sometime. Nope. It was a pulled groin. So, not only do I have to wait until I am cleared to go running from the doctor postpartum, I’m also going to have to wait on this pulled groin to get better. Lame. Just Lame.

So for the time being, I have been trying to make a routine of doing light stretching. Since I’m so close to 0-hour: B-day (how my husband and I refer to Mercy’s delivery), I’ve been taking it super easy on myself. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by writing, preparing for the wedding in October, studying some Italian for when we go on our honeymoon and also honing my math skills for when I get back to school. 

I want to run a half marathon in June. Josh has been really supportive. However, he did remind me of how I probably won’t be the same runner I once was and so I should treat that race as a “fun run” and to not worry about time. The overachieving Indian in me wants to say no, I will run it under 2 hours…. but in reality, I would be seriously over-extending myself. A part of me gets nervous about races because the times you get are forever recorded and can be found online. 

I guess I just need to change my perspective. Running 13.1 miles is something most people would not consider doing, let alone only four months postpartum. 🙂 



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