Apparently, Being Pregnant Means that I’m NOT Eating for Two :(

School Ish

I haven’t written this past week, because I’ve been struggling to stay on top of my school work. This past week I had my first Pre-Calc exam. All I can say is that I either did really good or really bad. After taking the exam, I thought that if I did do REALLY bad, then I can just get a W for the class. Then, I remembered that Uncle Sam payed for this class. So, if I drop it or fail… that means I owe him money. So, now I am praying that I at very least got a C. With two more exams coming up, I think I can recover from a C.

Baby Update!

I also had my third Dr. appointment. It was really a combo Dr. + ultrasound appointment. So, my husband and I were really really excited! We found out the sex of the baby. As tempted as I am to tell everyone… I can’t. Josh and I promised each other that until the baby was born, it was going to be our little secret 🙂 We also received the test results from all the blood they drew from the last appointment. The baby and I appear to be completely healthy.

… Perhaps a little too healthy. I have also been getting weighed during these appointments. I gained about 7lbs. since last month. The Nurse Practitioner said that it was a little more weight than necessary… if you know what I mean…  She also told me to lay of the carbs and that I am NOT eating for two.

Say What????

Getting away from the semi-vegan, super healthy diet has probably been the only part of my pregnancy that I’ve enjoyed. Before I was pregnant, I only ate 1200 calories, and ran 7 miles every day. I wouldn’t allow myself to eat meat or anything that was high in sugar. Now I suffer from acne, nausea, headaches, fatique, ect…. on a semi-daily basis. Sad to say, but I looked forward to a small bowl of ice cream after dinner.

My husband was concerned that I was not eating enough protein because I constantly felt tired. To make sure that I was getting enough protein, I started eating meat again. I started reading articles that said that pregnant women only need to eat 300 more calories than before they were pregnant. This would bring up my total caloric intake to 1500. The doctor said that I should not try to “diet” while being pregnant. So, I just ate whenever I felt hungry.

So, I told myself that when I go grocery  shopping this weekend, that I was going to focus on getting more vegetables and fruits.


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