A Love Affair with Running Revealed

I cant sleep at all. So, here I am writing a short blog post about this quote I saw on Reddit (my new internet addiction). A user said that a friend of his posted the following quote regarding running:

Just ran a half marathon for no reason. Well, actually I did it out of pure love. I love running because it has been, is, and always will be there for me whenever and wherever I am in life. Running will never lie to me, I’ll always know exactly where I stand, the numbers never lie. Sometimes running has boosted my self esteem and ego sky high, but other times it has kicked the shit outta me and beaten me down to nothing. I know I can always rely on my running to give me whatever I need or want, I just have to give running my time, energy, and my love. Whether its 1 mile or 100, 5 minute pace or 10, running and I will always share pure love.

The quote speaks for itself. ❤  It almost reminds me of the “college talk” I had with my little cousins before they started their first year at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. These kids are smart… perhaps a little too smart. So, they would occasionally procrastinate on completing assignments; and of course, they would come out half-assed.

I shared with them the best thing that college, the military, and running has ever taught me; that anything truly worth doing takes the appropriate amount of time and effort to do. So, if you’re going to do anything in life, don’t half-ass it. Rather, do it with every ounce of will and determination that you give. Isn’t that the definition of love?



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