Juggling Roles as a Wife & Mum on the Run



I saw this image on the Spartan Chicked page that I have been raving about in my past few posts. A user posted this picture and asked the group about what we thought about it. Many women were highly offended by the image. Some women even went so far as to say that women who do let themselves go are “lazy slobs” or “bad mothers” for not setting a good enough example for their kids.

I thought I would share my take on the image in this post.

First off, I don’t like name-calling. Not only, is it just not nice, but it totally discredits whatever argument you had. It’s one thing to attack someone’s argument… but its a whole other issue when someone attacks someone else as a person… which is not cool at all. If anything, It makes us just as shallow and hateful as whoever made this image. 

I have also heard of women missing events for their kids in order to participate in their own races. I guess that makes them feel “hard-core” or something. I think it makes them look really lame. I would NEVER miss an event for my kid so that I could race in an event. Not to say that I don’t plan on getting back into racing when I am done recovering (I even made sure to put a jogging stroller in the gift registry). I just think that if there is a conflict  in scheduling… the kid’s event automatically over-rides my own. I would expect for any father to do the same. I was always taught that love always required a bit of sacrifice.

Between taking care of my family, school and my military responsibilities.. my life is going to turn into a juggling act pretty soon. But I think I’m up for it. 🙂 


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