New Running Goal

Random Rambling

I really need to get this off of my chest before I get into the main part of this post. I have had to skip a few races as of late, and I am not at happy about it. I missed the full marathon on the 4th because I had a mandatory drill weekend at my unit. I’m going to have to miss the Super Hero Half marathon to go visit my brother in Virginia. (Justin, if you are reading this, I think we both know that I have no problem missing events to go see you. So, I’m hoping that you don’t read into that in the wrong way.) I need to really need to start writing these races down in stone far in advance.


My New Goal

I was looking at races in New Jersey. It seems that most half-marathons and full marathons take place between March and April. After that, the amount of races available tapers down. I didn’t want to sign up for a race that was going to be coming up too soon either. My new goal is to qualify for Boston, which will not be easy. I want as much time as I can to get my time down to 3:35.

Why Boston? First, it is just one of those races that is on every runner’s bucket list. From all of the articles I have read, it is a beautiful, scenic course. Some of the biggest names in running will be there. It is also one of the more tougher race courses out there. Additionally, we all know about the tragic events of this past Boston Marathon. So when my mom first suggested that I should try to qualify for Boston… I thought she was mad for wanting to come see me run Boston. (By the way, my mum comes to all of my races.) I was thinking that there is no way I am ever bringing someone with me to an event after that. 

But isn’t that what the terrorists want? They want us to be too scared to live our lives the way we want. They want to scare us into their control. I can either allow their actions to affect me or not. I have since choosen the later. I have never allowed someone to tell me where I can or cannot go or what I can or cannot do… and I am not about to start now.


The Road Ahead

I ended up deciding to go with the Atlantic City Marathon. I really enjoyed the half-marathon course I ran through in April. By and large it is relatively flat. It runs down the boardwalk, and eventually cuts onto Ocean Avenue. The course was absolutely beautiful in the morning. To top it off, I got a discount code emailed to me last week to save $20 off my registration fee. If I wasn’t already convinced to register, I was when I saw that email.

Its going to be on October 12th. That gives me plenty of time to train. Gd willing, I will be able to be confident in my time. If not, aw well. I am still going to run it, give it my all and attempt to not feel like walking death by the end of it. haha. 

Since the April Fools Half, I figured out that there were two things that I needed to change about the way I trained. For one thing, I needed to start running in the morning. The main reason was that, these races are typically morning events. On top of it, I have come to realize that there are safety reasons for me running during the day (less likelyhood of getting attacked by creepers and general visibility).

So far, this new training regimine feels pretty good. This week I plan on running 5 miles in the morning and doing my situps and pushups in the evening. Next week, I’m going to increase my milage by 10% and take it from there. At this rate, I should be able to qualify for Boston by October…. Gd willing.



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