“Inch by Inch is a Sinch; Yard by Yard is Hard”

If anyone has watched the HBO Documentary Alive Day Memories, you are probably familiar with this quote. If you haven’t watched this documentary, you should… like right now. Seriously, stop reading my article and you tube Alive Day Memories. The quote that I used as the title for today’s article is a mantra that a mother of a wounded warrior would tell her son. Her son is a Marine who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. So, to get by, they take life one inch at a time. I love this mantra, because I think we can all learn a lot from it.

I haven’t really been running for the past few weeks. This is partially due to how I didn’t make my goal time in Atlantic City. Defeat is not something I tend to handle well. Instead, I’ve been focusing on my small business and my new boy friend. I just realized that all that work and progress I made is going to go to waste unless I do something about it.

So, I decided to look at running in a whole new way. I’m going to just take it one event at a time. I’m starting to realize that there is nothing wrong with goal setting and pushing your limits, but I was putting way too much pressure on myself. It had gotten to the point where running was not fun for me anymore. 

I decided that I’m not running the full marathon or the 50-miler this year. Instead I’m going to go one race at a time. Until I hit the sub-2hour time goal, I wont be looking to increase my distance back up to the full marathon length. I injured myself during the half- marathon and I’m not looking to do that again. Additionally, I also want to have fun. 

The Superhero Half Marathon is a fun-looking event that’s coming up. I’m very excited. I’m going to run a few miles today, just to get into the swing of things and take it one inch at a time from there. Well, not literally one inch… but I think you know what I mean. 😉


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