Why run when you could just take a cab?

As a runner I get asked a lot of questions from my family, friends, and battle buddies. So, I decided to use my blog as a way to answer some of these questions as a series of posts. The questions of “Why do you do this to yourself?” and “Why do you run (especially when catching a cab is so much easier)?” are probably the most asked questions I get. Because these two questions are so related, I decided to make it into one blog post.

1) Why do I do this to myself?
Ok, so what I think people are really trying to ask me here is, “Why do you train so hard?”. Yup, I put myself through some pretty grueling situations. I will run through sub freezing temperatures, most hurricanes, and snowstorms. But why? Well, part of the reason I run under such harsh conditions is because unless there is a state of emergency, the event will still go on. By training under tougher conditions, I’m giving myself the edge when it comes to how i would perform under not so harsh conditions. Another reason is that I’m in the military. I recognize that I’m really small. So, I know that I’m going to be a natural first target option. Additionally, I know that somewhere out there, the enemy is training longer, harder and under tougher conditions. The day I have to meet them, I will be ready.
The result of training like this is that words like; cold, rain, snow, heat, ect. have little to no meaning to me. I walked my sister’s dogs after we had a snow storm in shorts, a tank top and sandals. Needless to say, my neighbors thought I had gone mad. I thought it was pretty funny.

2) Why do you run?
(Outside of how I have to be able to run because I’m in the military…) I run because it makes me feel good. While I’m running, I’ll work out whatever problems I have in life. Additionally, it somehow fills me with a sense of inner peace that I can’t get from doing anything else. This is because unlike praying and meditating, running also makes me feel powerful. That combination of feelings can be pretty intoxicating and addictive.
I also run because I’m fundraising for Operation Home Front. Helping veterans and their families is very important to me. So, if I can do a little good for them, it makes everything worth it.


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