Cotton Is The Cloth of The Devil

After the horrific run I had a few days ago… I needed to take a mental health break from running… It was just that brutal. I’ve been doing high intensity interval training instead of running. The sad thing is that I only ran 8 miles that day. I’ve ran over twice that distance (16.6 miles) in preparation for the next two seasons worth of runs coming up and felt dandy. What made this run so brutal?

I broke a cardinal rule of running; which is to never ever… under any circumstances… wear cotton when you go out running… especially when it’s pouring down freezing rain. Why? Because cotton absorbs water like a sponge.

To be honest, I was excited about running in the rain. It almost feels as though my soul is being cleansed. Additionally, I always feel as though my run time is actually better when it’s raining than when it’s perfectly nice out. So, after picking my mum up from work I got dressed for my run. I had forgotten to throw my laundry in the wash in the morning, so I couldn’t wear my usual moisture wicking running gear. I decided that I really didn’t want to miss a training day, and threw on a pair of yoga pants and my Rutgers hoodie instead (both of which are made of cotton).

The run started as I expected. With a big smile on my face, I sloshed though the mud and puddles. However, by the time I hit the 3 mile mark, I felt as though I had gained ten pounds because my pants and hoodie were absorbing so much water. I continued to push through. All I could think about was how much training I had missed and how I’m less than three weeks away from my half marathon.

Eventually, I couldn’t feel my body anymore. Not only was it cold outside, but my pants and hoodie were retaining the freezing water while it was pouring down on me. This is when I needed to employ some serious army motivational tactics. I had to visualize my battle buddies running next to me, cheering me on. I even attempted to visualize my old Drill Sergeant yelling at me. I just knew that I had to get through this training run. Failure was just not an option for me.

Somehow I made it through that run. I came home, made myself a chocolate protein shake and spent about an hour in the shower. When I stepped in the shower, the skin right under my neck stung like hell. It turns out that the zipper from my hoodie had been rubbing against my upper chest so much that I had been bleeding. I didn’t even feel my zipper scraping off my skin. That’s how numb I was.

Lesson of the day: Cotton is the cloth of the devil.


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