An Hour Late & A Dollar Short: My 2013 Fitness Goals

It’s 18 January, and I still have yet to write a post about my fitness goals for the year. I’ve been really mulling this over in my head. I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions such as how should I define success in realistic terms? Most people fail at their New Years resolution for this reason alone. That is, that their goals were not manageable to achieve without separating them into smaller, more manageable goals. Another thing to consider is that people make their goals to vague. This just makes defining success impossible.

With all of this in mind, I think I have finally really developed a set of fitness goals that can be achievable.

1) Get down to 18% Body Fat: SSG. M from my unit posted on Facebook something that really had me thinking. He suggested a few months ago to girls who didn’t feel comfortable enough in their own skin to wear a bikini to start working on their problem areas now so that by the time summer comes, they won’t have any problems. This sounds like a good idea, to feel comfortable enough to walk around in a bikini this summer. Then I thought…. How will I know if I look good enough to wear a bikini? Like many women…. I have a hard time not seeing myself as over weight even though I am not. So, I looked online to search for some type of general consensus among MDs on what is a completely healthy body fat percentage for women in their 20s. Answer: About 18%. Right now, I’m at 28%. So, by next year I hope to drop 10 percentage points, 🙂

2) Run my half marathon in sub 2 hours.: A lot of articles have suggested that first time halfers don’t try to set a specific time goal when running their first half marathon. However, I feel that I have been really moving forward very well in my training and that I’m ready for the added pressure. And honestly, the more I run… The more do-able this feels. The other day I ran 6 miles in about 50 mins. And the only thing that really slowed me down…. Was when I accidentally stepped ankle deep in deer poo in the last mile. It was gross. However, I kept pushing on. What I find is that after about the third mile, so long as I didn’t tell my legs to stop, they wouldn’t.

3) Run the New Jersey Marathon in sub 4 hours.: The NJ marathon is a month after this half marathon. I figured that what I’m going to have to do is add another 3 miles to every long run I have on my training schedule to be able to develop the appropriate amount of strength in my legs to finish in that amount of time. This is going to be a serious challenge. Like honestly, just sitting here even thinking about how fit I need to get makes me want to stop writing and do some Burpees. Not only is this going to require a certain amount of physical training, but from here on out, I’m going to have to really consider what I’m fueling my body with.

4) Depending on how I do on the NJ Marathon…. I’m going to sign up for the 50 mile Ultra in Virgil Crest, NY. Now, I might sound a bit insane…. But this is really do-able. The NJ marathon is 4 months before the Ultra. And from what I’m reading on the various training schedules I’ve seen, is that this is just enough time to double my distance from 26.2 miles to 50 miles so long as do not at any time diverge from the plan. I understand that I have a long ways to go. The important thing here seems to be to mentally prepare myself as well as to respect my physical and mental limits.

So, what are your fitness goals for the year?


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