Time & Effort: Lessons Learned from The Shaw-shank Redemption

A lot of people give up working out after only a few weeks because they may not see immediate results. This has happened even to me during undergrad. It’s just so discouraging when you don’t see any results, I get it. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that the best things in life are always going to take the most time and effort to get to. Time and effort. That’s it, that’s all you need, just like Morgan Freedman says in the movie The Shaw-shank Redemption. (If you haven’t seen this film you absolutely should! Don’t worry… There are no plot spoilers in this post… But seriously… Go rent the DVD right now!)

Even though I am running farther and longer than ever…. I felt as though I wasn’t seeing much weight loss as I would like. So, in frustration…. I had decided to skip a training day. After all, it was Christmas. This Christmas, my sister and her two dogs came over to hang out with my parents and I. It was nice. We don’t get to hang out as much as I would like. My mom even took a day off from work (this almost never happens… I mean my mom doesn’t even take days off during the weekend). This meant that my mom was going to be cooking lots and lots of Indian food. Yay!

The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t eat as much as I had in past Christmas breakfasts. I only had a little bit of vegetable korma and some rice. Usually, my brother (he didn’t get leave time for Christmas…. :() and I gorge out. The thing is that my brother has a very very fast metabolism and can do this without gaining a pound. I am not blessed with such a metabolism. So, the day after Christmas, I usually end up putting myself through grueling work out sessions to make up for the damage I had done.

So after breakfast, I went upstairs to get dressed for Church. I was going through my closet when I found this one black and gray dress. My mom had bought it for me after I got my first gig as a political consultant. It was a size 3. Could I fit into it at the time…. Hell no. She told me that she really wanted me to work hard so that I could eventually fit into it.

In an act of bravery…. I decided to try on the infamous black and gray dress. And what would you know…. It fit me perfectly! I was so excited it was ridiculous. I had to ask my mom 10 times if I looked fat in it, just to make sure I didn’t. (She, unlike many mothers…. has no problem being honest…. Which is why I appreciate her so much.) My mom said,”No.”over and over again 🙂

So, if I didn’t have an excuse to miss a training day before… I definitely had one now. The results of my hard work were finally starting to show! So, after church I continued to hang out with the family. We all had so much fun just hanging out, watching South Park and being unnecessarily sarcastic with each other. Loved it!

Eventually it was 11pm at night. And for some reason, I decided to consult Google on my decision to miss a training day. The consensus was that this was a very very bad idea. Why? Because you will never be able to make up the time and effort that was lost. You just can’t do it. So, lets just say that I decided to go running the next morning on my cross training day. I would’ve completely screwed up the purpose of a cross training day; to do alternative workouts to rest my legs in order to prevent injury.

Lucky for me, my parents live in a nice neighborhood. So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went out for my run. I did not regret it. I felt so good after running it was amazing. I’m sure some of my neighbors think I’m a bit strange for going out on a run at 11pm on Christmas. Quite frankly… I just don’t give a damn.


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