Running is like a Relationship

I was really thinking back to this movie I really like “Run Fatboy Run!”. It’s what I named my fundraiser for Operation Home Front after (Run! Fat Girl Run for Operation Home Front). I was recently watching the movie trailer on YouTube today, where the narrator compares running to a relationship. I couldn’t agree more. My relationship with running has been up and down. But now I think I might be taking this relationship a little more seriously. I decided that I needed to after figuring out that I only have 16 weeks to train before my first half marathon. It may seem like a whole lot of time. But I know that it is going to pass very quickly.

I don’t have a coach to keep me on track, so I’m going to have to rely on my own drive to get me through these 16 weeks. It’s just so easy to get off track. There are many excuses I could make to not go running. So today, I really sat down and thought about how badly I wanted to run. I could always withdraw my spot. So what if I told everyone that I was doing this and that I created a blog which many of my friends and co-workers keep up with regularly? The fundraiser? i could always just return the money. What do I have to prove to everyone? Absolutely nothing.

But what do I have to prove to myself?


I made myself a promise that I would push myself as hard as I could short of seriously injuring myself. From what little I understand of the universe…. Bad things happen after you break a promise to yourself. So, now I’m kicking things up a notch.

Part of my problem is that I run around the same course and do the same workouts. It gets boring. When people get bored in relationships they either cheat (for me, this would be to stop running) or they try to change things up a bit. I think I’m going to do the later. Instead of doing the same workouts all the time, I’m going to make more of an effort to switch things up.

I found a pretty good 16 week program to follow. The hard part was determining if I was a beginner or not. After comparing two plans, I decided that it just wouldn’t be fair to call myself a beginner. I’m in the Army for Pete’s sake! Anything below an intermediate training schedule would just be me short changing myself.

Day 1: Cross Training/ Rest

– Ankle strengthening exercises
– Stretching
– Hydration
– 2 sets of 20 Push ups
– 2 sets of 80 Sit ups


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