Pitty never leads to Progress: My AAR of My PT Results

I am very sorry for not writing for a few days. To be honest, I’ve been a little upset at myself for my performance during the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) that the unit had this weekend. Don’t get me wrong…. I passed. But as many of you know… just passing isn’t good enough for me.

I also have not been running either. Also, a very bad thing. Ive just been feeling very discouraged which has caused me to be unmotivated. After all,, I’ve been running almost every day for the past two months. So, as I have been having this long, drawn out pity party for myself, I was thinking about what my old Drill SSGs would have told me; that pity does not lead to progress. Now, isn’t that just the gosh darn truth?

Since the putty party has officially ended, I decided to think back on how I could improve my training and how I treat myself the day before the run. This process is what people in the Army call an AAR (otherwise known as an After Action Review).

Rest Days
Ok, yes I did eventually start taking rest days. However, I don’t think that I was as productive as I could’ve been during those days. Additionally, I don’t hydrate enough, especially the night before the pt test. When I was a better runner, I was drinking 2- camel backs worth a day. Why wasn’t I doing that? Well, I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that it’s just not going to happen again.

Foot Gear
Those of you who are in the military may already know that soldiers cannot run with the five fingered running shoes. Why? I couldn’t tell ya. In the military no means no. I decided that If I can’t wear them in uniform…. I could still wear them when I’m running in my civilian gear. Bad Idea!

Training in shoes that are much much lighter than shoes with lots and lots of padding is never a bright idea. As I’ve been reading from a lot of authors, you should be training in the shoes you will be using to compete. End of story. This is because transitioning from one type of foot gear to another will greatly effect how you run.

Schlafen Schlafen Schlafen!
Yes, sleep is important. This is really just common sense… Like seriously. However, I seem to be afflicted with a type of “test anxiety” which makes me unable to sleep the night before any type of test. So, guess what I didn’t do…. Sleep…. At all. Next time I’m going to make sure that I force myself to rest up the night before an event.


3 thoughts on “Pitty never leads to Progress: My AAR of My PT Results

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