Before Running: Part VI- Taking Serious Breaks

This post was originally published yesterday. However, I really didn’t like the way it turned out. So, I sat down and re-vamped the whole post. Enjoy.

Many service members cringe at the word “break”. Why? After training ourselves to reach our physical and mental limits AND TO THEN surpass those limits…. taking a break seems like a huge waste of time. Other people wasting our time is something we have no tolerance for, let alone, US wasting OUR OWN time.

So, I’ve been out running almost every night for the past two months. It didn’t matter of it was below 30 degrees, raining, snowing, or if Hurricane Sandy was out there…. I would be out there. The only day I didn’t go running was when my older brother Justin came home the Saturday after Thanksgiving (he’s active-duty Navy and I so I don’t get the opportunity to see him all that often). However, not putting rest days into my schedule ended up being a costly mistake.

Now I have tendonitis in my Achilles’ tendon. It isn’t fun at all. The last time I had tendonitis was when I was playing varsity tennis in high school. I went two seasons undefeated (pretty awesome, huh?). I attribute this to me playing tennis every day for about six hours. By the beginning of senior year, my tendonitis was so bad that I could hardly hold my racket. That was the end of my tennis career.

I spent most of yesterday researching different ways to solve/prevent tendonitis. The biggest solution seemed to be to incorporate rest days into your training schedule. “Lame.” was the first word to come to mind. But, I did find ways for me to still make those days productive. Here’s a short list.

Joint Strengthening Workouts
Caring for Injuries

I spent the greater part of yesterday with my heel wrapped and iced. I’m hoping that the rest pays off. 🙂


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